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Steampunk Maker Extraordinaire

Press Info: Dr Brassy in the news-

Late December 2013- Early January 2014- In the book "Steampunk Jewelry" by

Spurgeon Vaugh Ratcliffe. Featured Maker/Artist.

December 2013- VonGutenberg Fetish Lifestyle Magazine Issue 8

December 2013-Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 42. Artist Bio Spotlight-    

"Look 'Em In The Eye: Dr Brassy-Steampunk Extraordinaire" by Alison Schwartz

November 2013-Noble Blood Vampire Diaries by Viona Ielegems and Dirk von Heinrichshorst 

Examples in the book of Dr Brassy's work is the Nouveau Topaz Necklace and the Noble Blood Vampire Black Swarovski Heart

necklace on Model La Esmeralda.

Novemer 2013-BBC TV Wizards vs Aliens.

Dr Brassy's Sightmares ™ © Pins were used on Chancelor Kooth Character.

November 2013- The World of Steam releases the first episode called The Clockwork Heart.

Dr Brassy's designs are carried on The World of Steam, Steam Gear Store opening Nov 20th, 2013. 

Ghost Spines ™ © External Hard Drive Covers are exclusive to The World of Steam by Dr Brassy.

October 17, 2013- #thebustingdead Mythbusters Halloween Special.

Dr Brassy was front and center as a Sightmares ™ © wearing undead Zombie Girl for the episode that busted the myth of how to kill Zombies

and co-starred Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead.

October 2013- The Bronze Age Magazine- (Cover), Sightmares Golden Dragon Eye Necklace.

December 20, 2012- As the Official "The Clockwork Heart" necklace Maker for The World of Steam by Matt King.

October 2012- Gothic Beauty Magazine, Issue 38, Page 58

2012-In the book "Steampunk Fashion" by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe.

2012-The Ministry of Peculiar Occurances-Aether Feature on Dr Brassy Designs, Sightmares ™ ©

July 1, 2012- Dark Beauty Magazine Steampunk Edition 11.5

2011- The Museum of Monterey  -Tall Ships and the Sea Exhibit

2011-"There will be blood" Music Video, featuring Anastasia Heonis (VooDoo Baby) and Rob Gales (As Valerian, wearing a

Dr Brassy Sightmares ™ ©).

2011-In the book "International Steampunk Fashion" by Victoriana Lisa Lewis.

On the following Models:

La Esmeralda -Hair and makeup La Esmeralda

Photography by Heiner Seeman


Model: Essex Machina of Brute Force Studios

Myth Masque Ball, Los Angeles 

In the League of S.T.E.A.M. Webisode, Volume 2 "Dead End" as Victorian Steampunk Zombie Girl.

Dr Brassy is the Official League of S.T.E.A.M. Thumbs Up Pin Maker.

Clockwork Couture Kickstarter Backer-Dr Brassy Steamington's name is on the wall!!!!

January 2013-Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 39, Page 40 "Learning to Live Again" Article by Alison Schwartz. Sightmares ™© Modeled by Alison Schwartz.

Photography by

Thomas Willeford

Hair and Styling by

Sarah Hunter

Leather and Brass

Typewriter Key Arm Guard by Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios

Kato of SteamGirl and Steampunk Couture

Hair, Makeup and Photography by Kato

Model: Ulorin Vex 

Photography by:

Julian M Kilsby

Michael Rooker Aka

"Merle" from The Walking

Dead with Dr Brassy

and Professor Aether


Model: Artemis Aesthetic

Photography: Sean Makiney